Thursday, June 25, 2009

Stonewall 40 - March and Rally June 27 - Transgender Rights NOW!!!

I don't post as often as I would like, because my internet seems to work only when IT wants to. I mostly post events from other sites right now, because I am so busy. Hopefully I will get a newer, better job soon, so this can be a better site. But until then... If you can attend, then do! Alas, I will be out of town, but what's your excuse?!

Stonewall 40: Atlanta, GA

June 27 - March and Rally
March steps off at 3pm
Rally at 4pm

1969 to 2009
40 years

Come as you are, come as you would like to be.
Come to remember, come to celebrate.

Forty years ago Transgender people and their Gay and Lesbian neighbors rioted in the dark, fighting the police and the authorities block-by-block, demanding the right to be treated as human beings, with dignity and respect.

Today we can march together in the sunlight, being out and honest about who we are. And the police will be there as escorts to keep us safe.

Transgender and gender-non-comforming people kicked the door open for Gay Pride. This is the year to bring it full-circle, walking in the sunlight to demand "Transgender Rights Now!"

Step-off time is at 3:00pm at Freedom Park (Moreland Ave. and Freedom Parkway)There will be 3 banner trans issues highlighted by the march

Employment Non-Discrimination
Access to Public Services (health care, housing, etc.)
Public Safety (bathrooms, prisons, police, etc.)

Rally for transgender rights scheduled at 4:00pm on the steps of First Existentialist Church on Candler Ave.

The Pre-March speakers are:

Cheryl Courtney-Evans, of TILTT
DeeDee Chamblee, of LaGender
Sir Jesse of Decatur, of the Feminist Outlawz
The rally speakers are will talk about the three main issues. Confirmed speakers include:

Maxwell Anderson, of Dr. Maxwell Anderson & Associates
Rev. Paul Turner, of Gentle Spirit Christian Church
Tracee McDaniel, of Juxtaposed Center for Transformation
Monica Helms, of the Transgender Americans Veterans Association
Rev. Dennis Merideth, of the Faith & Community Alliance
The Atlanta Sedition Orchestra has agreed to be executive noise-makers for the March and the Rally.
(Stonewall Inn Today)

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