Tuesday, July 14, 2009

"Go With the Flow" - Celebrate Your Fertility

This piece of art is by Kat Grandy and is titled "Go With theFlow." This is what she says about the painting, "[...] I was painting this woman wild and free and since I love the color red these days I thought that maybe it would be good to show that red is a good thing - it pumps throughout our body and makes us a warm-blooded animal and so the blood that leaves our body does not have to be considered a bad thing either. It is real, bright, rich and a necessary part of our womaness. Hence - Go With the Flow."
I also believe that the color red "is a good thing." It's my favorite color and I often also use it to symbolize blood in my artwork. When I am feeling angry, sad, frustrated, or just introspective, I many times find myself exploring my feelings throught the use of the color red, though I tend to use either a red color pastel or thick paint.
When I looked at this red womyn, I noticed that her arms are spread as if she is on an invisible cross and I cannot help but think about how many times womyn are tortured for the ability to produce life.
I started my period today and I am glad! I have been really stressed out lately and was a little worried that it was late and that I may need to be concerned about my health. I saw my nutritionist yesterday, who is wonderful and who helped me feel like life is more manageable again. For most womyn who are not postmenopausal or pregnant, having their period means that they are healthy-that they are "wild and free" like the womyn in red who is going with the flow.

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