Thursday, September 17, 2009

Paper Bag Press Wants Submissions - "We Only Discriminate Against Bad Writing!"

A friend told me that this erotica ebooks site is looking for submissions, so I went to their site and thought they were great, so I decided to post it! That, and the site struck me as having a wonderful sense of humor and as I looked through the site, I couldn't stop laughing. Who knows? Perhaps one day there'll be an update stating that I have a new short story available to buy. It can't hurt to give it a try! I posted their submissions page and then a couple of answers from their FAQ. Yay for equal opportunity, totally consensual porn!!!

Call For Submissions!We at Paper Bag Press are looking for the highest-quality erotic short stories on the planet. Our official storefront, located at, made its debut on February 14, 2009. We are always looking for more quality e-books. That's where you come in.

We are seeking new or established authors for exclusive publication. We want writers who can craft a short story with a strong plot that revolves around sexual experience. The stories are not necessarily romantic — the sex is the focus. If the characters are in luuurv, that’s fine, as long as the sex is hot.

We know that you are taking a chance on us since we are new. Because of this, we are offering a 5% royalty bonus beyond our normal royalty rate of 30% for the first 25 stories that are accepted for publication.

All kinds of stories are being considered, including:


If you have an erotic story that you'd like to us to consider for publication, go to the Submit Your Story page to tell us about it! We are seeking stories from 1,000 to 15,000 words. However, we are not draconian about the word count. These are just guidelines and not strict observance.

We are strict about what we will not accept:

•Pedophilia — all characters involved in sexual situations will be 18 years old or older.
•Bestiality — no humans having sex with animals.
•Rape — absolutely not allowed. All sex must be consensual.
•Toilet issues — must we go there? The answer is no.
•Physical abuse as titillation — again, the sex must be consensual. No characters harming each other within the sexual framework (no snuff, no stabbing, none of that). In BDSM, it must be made clear that the people involved have consented and are enjoying themselves.
•Necrophilia — again, must we go there? The answer is still no.
•Incest — once again, must we go there? The answer is absolutely, unequivocally no.
Other than that, we are an equal opportunity smut peddler.

Please read our Submissions FAQ for more information. Questions? Drop us a line.

Ready to submit your story? Complete the Submit Your Story form. Your story should be in Microsoft Word (.doc) or Rich Text Format (.rtf), size 12 font, double-spaced.

Have fun writing!
Further Content Clarification from the FAQ

My story is about transgendered folks. I don't see that as an option. Are you interested in stories like this?

Yes, we are interested in all sorts of stories. Our submissions page outlines what we absolutely will not accept. Everything else is under consideration. We do not discriminate against a story if it is about GLBTQ folks at all. We only discriminate against bad writing. If we should contract an author for a story, and we don't have a genre listing particular to it, we will create one.

How "raw" are you looking for, regarding description of sex? I don't want to write porn, but I would be okay with a "hard R" or a "soft X."

We are looking for "soft X" to "hard XXX." We want you to write porn. We expect to see the following words: cock, dick, penis, pussy, cunt, vagina, cream, lick, suck, fuck, ass, asshole, anus, orgasm, come, cum, slide, ride, and squirt. And/or many more words, for that matter. If you are not comfortable reading that list, then your writing is probably not for us. If that list makes you laugh and think, "Yeah, that's my writing!" then please, submit it. (I DID laugh!!!)

Does the story I'm submitting have to be previously unpublished?

Yes. We are interested in first rights to your story. If your story was published online in your blog or a friend's blog, on a friend's website, in a magazine, in a newspaper, or book, in a podcast, or in any other way made available to the public, then it is considered "previously published." If you had your writing group read and critique the story, that does not count as being published.

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