Monday, October 12, 2009

Columbus Day - Celebrate it with a Moment of Silence

Today is Columbus Day in the United States of America, which is a holiday that is not widely celebrated, except by those who work for the government and those in retail who are looking for any reason to have a SALE!SALE!SALE!!!BUYNOW!!!

Columbus Day is celebrated, because he was the first white person to discover America, although historians think that Vikings discovered it first. But what's a little history? Don't rain on my parade!

Since the Americas were discovered by white people, a country was formed with some pretty radical ideas, especially the one that all men are created equal.

Well, not quite.

Men could own other men, which means that they were really not considered equal and a people that were just fine handling matters on their own were soon enslaved and killed.

I'm just manifesting my destiny, don't you know...

How about before you go out shopping, if you do, hold a moment of silence for all the Native Americans and African Americans that lost their homes and their lives due to whiteness discovering the America.

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