Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Femi-Nation is a Featured Site on!

Tonight I went to check my femination email and I was incredibly pleasantly surprised to find out that I am a featured site on!!! According to the person who contacted me, the website is "the largest website featuring more than 30,000+ websites and blogs" and it "averages 200,000+ unique visitors." I am very proud to be recognized for my writing about substance abuse. Addiction is a mental illness, which is not a hot topic at most feminist sites, which is why it will always be welcome here. I also talk about substance abuse quite a bit on my other blog, Hope Is Real!

Really, I am proud to be recognized for my writing at all, because up until today, all of my emails have been requests for money. So here is a friendly reminder that my ultimate goal for this site is to build community. I would love to post up my members own essays, artwork, recipes... Just contact me at!

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