Friday, August 21, 2009

All Time is Valuable-Don't Squander It in Unsafe Spaces

I thought this site was a great idea-an inclusive feminist community-who wouldn't want that?! I mean, this was supposed to be a community where anyone could contribute any kind of post they wanted-whether it be an essay, a poem, a painting, music, a recipe, a joke, whatever, as long as the language was inclusive and that no one's privilege was held over another. I was going to let it be a safe space, meaning that there were going to be no trolls if I could help it. But no one's contributed.

I also wanted to promote feminist/womanist events from across the globe and while I have been posting what I have found and I really could post a lot more, as I am pretty involved in the community, I haven't received any news from readers either.

This is not supposed to be a solitary blog-I am the moderator, but I really, really long for a communal, supportive space. In fact, that is why I am deleting a blog from my links list. It's one of my favorites - I am a frequent commenter there and I think the blogger has a lot of important things to say. She is also extremely well-known in the feminist/womanist blogging sphere and it's not like she's getting any extra traffic from my site... But I don't always feel safe there, because of the nastiness that is allowed to carry on among the trolls and for that reason I cannot link to her site, although I still encourage people to read her very important work, but one may not want to read the comments.

Why do I care about making this site a safe space, even in the links? It's mostly selfish!

I'm going through a tough time right now, as I was just diagnosed with fibromyalgia. My health status fluctuates constantly throughout the day, so that I am only productive for short periods of time and I have come to realize that my short span of productivty is too valuable to waste in spaces where there is significant potential for extra pain. Darvocets only ease the physical pain, don't ya know?

I can guarantee that this will be a safe space for fellow paradigm-shifting folk and if it isn't, then I will close up shop!

I can guarantee that the topics will not be mainstream and that creativity is always welcomed!

But I cannot guarantee to keep this site and my dream of an inclusive, safe, creative feminist/womanist blog if there are no submissions. I just don't have the energy to provide as much as a blog like this should.

Now I am going to advertise this site a lot more heavily soon by making flyers and posting them at places that might house creative and open writers and artists. I am even going to advertise at DragonCon-the world's best sci-fi and fantasy ever! Why at a convention? Because I am serious when I say that I want to reach out to those who are usually not included, the creative, and those who have alternative ideas of reality to offer than the messed-up reality that is offered by this world.

Please submit-don't wait to let your voice be heard!

Most importantly, do not wait for something dramatic, like a chronic illness, to teach you that all of your time is important, so do not waste your time on things that make you feel bad and/or unsafe. You are worth more than that!

You really are.
My own artwork!
It's a collage that uses magazine cutouts, sheet music, metallic paper pasted on posterboard painted with bright watercolors. (My Mom used the posterboard for experimenting painting techniques and I didn't want it to be thrown away!)

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