Sunday, August 23, 2009

New Nonprofit Job Opportunities from!

From an Idealist email: ( is a nonprofit job site)
our upcoming season of Graduate School Fairs, and a big project we are
doing with the Mozilla Foundation (the Firefox people) to connect
nonprofits with techie volunteers around the world.

Let's start with the Grad-School Fairs. If you, or anyone you know,
are thinking of going to grad-school next year for a degree with
social impact, join us at one of the 17 fairs we'll be hosting in
North America this fall (registration is free).

At each fair you can meet representatives from 50-200 graduate
programs in fields such as Nonprofit Management, Education, Social
Work, Global Health, International Affairs, Law, Public Policy, Urban
Planning, and many more.

Here is the schedule for this fall (in parentheses you can see how
many schools have already signed up for each fair):

Sep 10 - New York, NY (200)
Sep 14 - Providence, RI (75)
Sep 15 - Boston, MA (175)
Sep 17 - Toronto, ON (50)
Sep 21 - Washington, DC (150)
Sep 23 - Pittsburgh, PA (50)
Oct 5 - Denver, CO (60)
Oct 7 - Minneapolis, MN (50)
Oct 12 - Chicago, IL (110)
Oct 13 - Phoenix, AZ (50)
Oct 15 - San Francisco, CA (120)
Oct 19 - Los Angeles, CA (120)
Oct 20 - Seattle, WA (90)
Oct 22 - Portland, OR (65)
Oct 29 - New Orleans, LA (60)
Oct 30 - Atlanta, GA (90)
Nov 3 - Virginia Beach, VA (30)

For more information, to register (it's free but they need to know how
many people will be there), and to see which schools will be at each
fair, please go to:
* * * * * * *
Mozilla Service Week

Idealist is partnering with Mozilla (the organization behind the
Firefox browser) on their first annual Mozilla Service Week which will
match thousands of "techie" volunteers around the world with
nonprofits in need of help with IT, web design, programming, blogging,
and more.

Mozilla Service Week will take place September 14-21, 2009, and
organizations are so eager for volunteers that a couple of thousand of
them have already posted their opportunities.

If you are comfortable with technology and would like to help out, or
if your organization could use some help, please go to:

And to help spread the word to nonprofits and techies around the
world, please go to:

Thanks again!

Jung Fitzpatrick
Graduate Education Communications Coordinator

Join us also at and
I am going to peruse the site again soon and the Mozilla Service Week. Hopefully I'll get a job or at least some direction from it. If you are looking for the same, I would suggest you go there too!

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